Tenant Handbook

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Moving Procedures

The Building Management Office must be notified 48 hours in advance and in writing of the exact date and time of your move. To confirm arrangements prior to your move, please contact the Building Services Coordinator at 415 512 1080 or 45fremont@shorenstein.com.

Large moves must be completed after-hours but small deliveries can be accommodated during normal business hours.

All moves and deliveries will take place through the loading dock, the loading freight, and internal service elevator. No access through the main lobby will be permitted without specific permission from the Building Management Office.

Use of the designated entrance and elevators is strictly on a first-come, first-serve basis during business hours and are limited to twenty minutes parking in the loading dock and two trips in the freight elevator. After-hours reservations may be necessary for larger deliveries. If passenger elevators are needed for a move, arrangements must be made in advance through the Building Management Office to have the elevators padded and the mover will be responsible for installing protective masonite in the elevator and on all paths of travel. Please make your requests in Angus under the Shared Resources category to reserve the freight, or padded passenger elevators, and the loading dock.

Per your Lease, the Tenant is responsible for any and all damage that occurs in the building as a result of its actions or negligence, or the actions or negligence of its guests or contractors. In order to protect you from damage caused by your mover, both the tenant and the mover, as a prerequisite to the move, must submit a Certificate of Insurance to the Building Management Office. Please refer to this handbook in Section “6.0 Insurance Requirements” for information of Insurance Requirements and naming Additional Insured.

The Tenant is responsible for the removal of all moving boxes, pallets, packing materials, and other debris from the property. It is recommended that you arrange for the mover to dispose of all such debris. Under no circumstances is trash to be left in the corridors or piled up in the loading dock. If necessary, the Building Management Office can arrange for disposal at the tenant’s cost.

The mover is responsible for providing floor protection and other materials necessary to protect the building during the move. The mover shall pad, masonite, and otherwise protect all entrances, common areas, and paths of travel.




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