Tenant Handbook

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Maintenance Requests

In order to facilitate communications, we ask that you appoint one or two tenant service representatives (and an alternate), who are authorized to incur expenses for your company. Only your “Authorized Tenant Representative” or those designated should make requests for repairs or services through Angus. All requests for services should be made through Angus. If there is a maintenance or janitorial request that needs immediate attention, please call the Building Office. Please do not make requests with the janitorial or engineering crew directly. You will need to enter the type of service request, a description of the service needed, the exact location and a contact person. Once entered into Angus, the Building Office receives this information and dispatches the service request to the appropriate maintenance staff. When a job is finished, the service request is summarized and closed out or charged back to the tenant. Every step of the service request can be tracked in Angus. If the request is beyond what is included per terms of your lease, a cost quote may need to be approved prior to work being performed. Response times will vary according to the number and complexity of service requests received. In the case of a building emergency or special project, which would delay response to your request, we will inform you as soon as possible. Similarly, should we need an outside contractor’s expertise or supplies, we will let you know. Should your request involve an expenditure of funds for which your company will be responsible, we will ask you to authorize a cost quote before services are rendered. All work performed will be billed to the tenant by the management office. A 20% administrative fee will be included on the invoice unless otherwise noted in lease provisions.