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Bomb Threat and Suspicious Device

Because not all bomb threats are the same, good judgment and the cooperation of employees are especially necessary. A particular area or floor, a number of floors, or possibly the entire building may have to be relocated in the event of a bomb threat. In the event that a bomb threat is phoned into your office, it is imperative that the person receiving the threat not risk breaking the telephone connection by attempting to transfer the call. Have someone else call 911 to report the call. The call should be extended for as long as possible, gathering as much information as possible and perhaps having the call traced.

Immediate arbitrary relocation or evacuation is not recommended. If the Police or Fire Department suggest that you evacuate your area due to a bomb threat, it is important to have personnel first make a visual search of their own desks and surrounding areas. Since the employees are familiar with the workplace surroundings and what belongs (or doesn’t belong) there they are more likely to be able to identify any unusual items. Suspicious items could include boxes, cigarette packs, bags or purses, etc. If a suspicious item is located, do not touch it or cover it.

In case of an evacuation due to a bomb threat, the elevators can be used. However, in the case of a bomb explosion or fire, you should not use elevators, unless specifically instructed by Police or Fire Department to do so. It is also good practice to assign someone to make a final inspection of the area to be sure everyone has been relocated. Building Management will quickly make a search of the public areas involved. They will also assist the Police and Fire Departments in searching the tenant areas. Whenever possible, the tenant should have representatives available to assist with the search of areas requested.

The Bomb Threat Checklist can be accessed through Angus.  Please be sure that all employees have the checklist handy at their desks. As much detail as possible should be recorded and all descriptions that apply should be checked off or circled.